Communication & Connection


“Working with Marc was like dancing with a professional dance teacher. I still get goosebumps when reading the text on my website.” Read full Testimonial
Claudia Domke – Life and career coach, Munich.
_G5A8861“I was astounded at the speed and efficiency with which he was able to deliver what had taken me years to achieve, in just one conversation. I wish to thank you for capturing the essence of who I am and what I represent to people through my work.”   Read full testimonial
Roberto Milani – Multi-discipline practitioner, London

38501148_10157100712590260_4735351720450719744_n (1)“I was surprised that the process was actually quite fun! He asked just the right questions to help me focus on the nub of the essay and to dismiss irrelevancies.Read full testimonial
Adam Day – Pianist / composer, Hertfordshire

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