Knife crime and gang violence can be ended now! Here’s how.

The more dangerous the drug, the greater the need for its control and regulation. The ending of prohibition would not just have the most profound effect on violent crime but would create benefits that vastly outway any negative consequences.

The Secret SuperPower Of Meditation.

This moment is where we snap.  It’s where we defend, rationalise, attack, manipulate and either act ‘out’ in aggression, or act ‘in’ through passive anger, punishment or just total shut down.

Tears – Our Healing Force.

So when we begin the process of reactivating the lost pain and traumatic memories, when we begin consciously healing ourselves by allowing the limbic system to re-open and slowly release the old wounds. We are actually allowing our bodies genetic code to reboot. We are in effect, switching ourselves off and on again!

Arteology – The Science of Creativity.

I allow the feeling, the notion, or the idea to just float around. Feeling it, being with it. Whatever is challenging or inspiring me in my life at that point.  And then, as I allow my attention to wander in a fertile moment, a gentle breeze blows away some dust, exposing something. Stones? Or bones.

You want a seven point plan to destroy ISIS? Here it is.

I’ve been just a little frustrated by the somewhat passive approach of the anti-bombing Syria movement at the moment. It’s as though we are all responding to David Cameron’s seven-point plan … Continue reading You want a seven point plan to destroy ISIS? Here it is.