Am I a Predatory Male?

The air is thick with it. A choking, cloying, cloud of guilt.  A dense fog of shame and self-doubt. Men are gasping for clean air, for vision, for direction. We are looking outward, at the explosion of revelations and accusations of sexual abuse, misconduct, and harassment towards women.  Looking in, we are evaluating, assessing, judging … Continue reading Am I a Predatory Male?

Fear of flying – Addicted to anxiety

Until quite recently, every time I have flown, I have had this little moment - right at the point where I stepped from the air bridge walkway on to the plane. I looked at the doorway in front of me, the mechanisms and rivets and bolts and levers. Looking for something, a stain, a dent, … Continue reading Fear of flying – Addicted to anxiety

Tears – Our Healing Force.

The Science of Crying. Tears Can Reboot your Genetic Code! Repression kills our emotions. All of them. Our sadness, despair, and abandonment are all safely locked away, out of sight and out of our conscious mind.  Repression also buries our joy, our feeling of connection, of being loved, valued and accepted for who we are. From our earliest moments … Continue reading Tears – Our Healing Force.