A word from existing clients.

4af3345b-5edd-43c5-8849-7bd0f82e27ed‘Working with Marc was like dancing with a professional dance teacher. He took me by the hand and knew how to get the words right out of my mouth and get the message across that I was aiming for. His questions led thru the working sessions without any push, just gently guiding me, like a teacher does with a dance student. I could have not imagined what a beautiful melody he would write out of it, exceeding my expectation by far. What a final dance, What a melody. I still get goosebumps when reading the text on my website – Marc did not just write the ‘text’ but a song that reaches its audience. If you want to reach people with your words but your strengths lie somewhere other than in writing– contact Marc! Claudia – Life & Career Coach
_G5A8861The last time I launched my website back in 2010 I struggled with word content and the biggest challenge was how to describe to the world what exactly I was bringing to the table. I struggled every time when I attempted it myself and I knew it was not a strength of mine and it delayed me from being seen and revenue to my business. Marc has a fantastic skill to hear you and articulate, with words that describe what you are feeling and thinking. I was astounded at the speed and efficiency with which he was able to deliver what had taken me years to achieve, in just one conversation. I wish to thank you for capturing the essence of who I am and what I represent to people through my work.” Roberto – Life Coach & Trauma Recovery Practitioner.   
“Working with Marc opened me up to a whole new dimension of spiritual insight. He perfectly articulated what and who I am as an artist.” Sissi – Actor, Singer, Comedienne,

38501148_10157100712590260_4735351720450719744_n (1)“Marc helped me to answer a long question on an application for an important career opportunity. With his direction, it became concise and focused. I was surprised that the process was actually quite fun! He asked just the right questions to help me focus on the nub of the essay and to dismiss irrelevancies. I got the interview!” Adam – Pianist & Composer.

Marc has a superb capacity to listen and beautifully translate what I wanted to say in the book that he has ghost written for me, by making the words flow with his in-depth talent on how best to communicate what I was hoping to express, I could never have wished for a more supportive and elegant completion of this book. Without his unstinting interest, great humour, and feedback, I might never have been able to complete this manuscript. Thank you so much Marc.Leela – Director, The Osho Institute for Meditative Therapies.