Marc is the founder of ‘A Liberated Life’, running courses, meditation workshops and is also a one on one Human Potential Coach. He is also a professional musician and has recently launched ‘Sonic Spirit’, a musical collective, offering inspirational live music and sonic art for well being events, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Dump the script and step off the stage!

Most people would give limbs to have half our opportunities and environment, with such relative security and stability. A life of comparative luxury, allowing us the time and space to discover our most fundamental limiting beliefs. The very core issues at the heart of our ‘story’, and the power to make positive change.

Personal transformation happens when we stop chopping and start digging!

dropping our technique and our determination, we fall to our knees and surrender to the reality that we need to venture into the darkness – to descend into our interior.  This is when we fully understand that we can no more access our subconscious through the conscious mind than we can force ourselves to fall asleep at night.

“Hey! I’m just telling the truth!” Welcome to the Dark Side of Honesty.

there is so much more to honesty than just telling the truth. We have to also have integrity, authenticity on many levels and also vulnerability if we are to be sensitive to others while ‘telling it like it is.’

The One Basic Concept That Can Completely Transform Your Relationship With Your Children And Yourself!

This is the birthplace of unhealthy rebellion, of seeking identity through a separation that is beyond the natural desire to leave the nest. It is the root of self-sabotage. Where failure becomes the power, where identity is developed in a negative self-evaluation.