What is English Translation Optimisation?

The internet and globalisation have created the possibility of a far more fluid working life in terms of our location and our markets.
More and more, individuals and organisations seek greater global visibility and integration as they bring their products, services, mission, or project to a truly international audience.
For those whom English is not the first language, it can be challenging to communicate with passion and vision in a way that is credible and impactful on the English speaking world.

My job is to help you express your message with the flair, the readability, and the impact that is needed, to stand out from the masses.
Here are two examples of  Translation optimisation for a client.  The bold links are the optimised versions.

Original translated from German
Re-written and edited for an English speaking audience

Unedited version biog
Edited and Optimised Biog

Fees for this service are agreed on an individual basis so get in touch and let’s discuss the options.