Workshops, Retreats, and Events


Talks and Seminars

I have given talks and presentations at festivals and gatherings on many areas of personal development including, parenting, relationships, communication, and spiritual growth.

Workshops and Events

Boy in the Bubble

BOY IN THE bubble header (3)A collaboration between myself and Roberto Milani, a multi-discipline practitioner specialising in recovery from trauma and abuse.  We co-run workshops and community-building events, mainly but not exclusively for men.  Working together, we’ve created a programme designed to assist men to identify destructive strategies that have been used to protect themselves from the effects of early abuse, trauma, and anxiety.  The programme works on three levels – the conscious mind, The subconscious mind, and the energy systems of the body. Find out more about the programme here


Waking up to Love – Workshops for Couples


Along with my life partner Florenta Simion, a qualified Psychologist and councillor,  we run workshops for couples and interested singles, designed to help improve communication and intimacy between partners. Using a varied toolbox of methods and exercises, we create a safe and relaxed atmosphere in which couples can explore new ways to deepen their connection and bring more joy and spontaneity into their lives. 

Find out more about workshops for couples.

Meditative Therapies – laughter, Tears and Silence

I am a fully qualified facilitator and senior trainer working with meditative therapies. These processes use non-cognitive methods to bypass the conscious mind and access deep-seated energy blocks, repressed trauma and emotions. I run a seven-day retreat that uses our innate primal energies to flush energy through the system and access areas of the brain that store repressed hurt and trauma. Using only laughter and crying, our first primal methods of connection, our pre-thought self can be accessed and old wounds safely revealed and released.

laughDay one to Three – Laughter for three hours.

cry25Day Four to Six – Crying for three hours.

untitled-silencedesign-24Day Seven –  Three hours of Silent meditation.

Find out more about this powerful and unique seven-day process.


From Expectation to Aspiration