Remain or leave the EU? Let me live or die by the facts, not the stories and lies!

Democracy-purpose-wordsAccusing me of being un-democratic because I want another vote on our future in Europe is like saying I have eaten my breakfast and so should now no longer feel hungry for the rest of my life!

What is the will of the people today?

According to me as a normal reasonably educated but not particularly political person, this is how democracy works. A political party make promises and presents their vision. An opposing party make their promises and present an alternative vision. One party wins more votes. They then have 4-5 years to keep those promises and manifest their vision. If they do, they get re-elected. If they don’t they get removed. That’s why we keep having elections, otherwise known as ‘changing your mind based on outcomes and facts instead of the propaganda’. The difference between the promises made and vision presented by the ‘both leave and remain’ compared to what has turned out to be the facts and reality are a grand canyon apart.

Stories and lies

web-farage-poster-rexImmigration and sovereignty were weaponized, spun and manipulated to create either insecurity and blame towards immigrants or to terrify us about the isolation of independence. It was indeed a project designed to create fear from both camps. This is beyond question. But our current ‘soured’ relationship with Europe is the direct result of Tory belligerence and arrogance throughout the negotiating process. 1434The EU has no obligation to make it easy for us to reject their project. We are walking away. They never wanted us to leave and they still don’t. Remember, the Referendum was advisory and NOT binding by law. Only one article is binding and that statute can be reversed with another.

Why should we ignore the results of the referendum?

5198936-6294691-image-a-4_1539951394773All The people’s vote is asking for is a vote based on the real facts that are now available to us all. LEAVE OR REMAIN, we want a vote based on the reality, not the principle, of leaving the EU. And no, the EU is not a perfect entity. It needs reform and it needs more democratisation. The UK can and must be at the centre of that battle. In the current growing climate of fascist nationalism and extreme volatility in international trade and relations, being isolated from a powerful and influential economic bloc is sheer nationalist insanity. Remain and reform is the only option that will give us back the time, resources, and national energy to reboot our economy and get to grips with the multiple crises in health, education, housing, and social care, that the conservative/ new Labour free-market ideology has engineered.

We deserve to vote on the facts.

Let me be clear. I was a swing voter. I came within a hairsbreadth of voting leave in 2016. In the end, I decided that remain and reform was our best option. To stay and fight, not run away and hide. The referendum was based on two streams of propaganda from both sides and the media were blatantly partisan andpeoples-vote-large polarised, sending a spun and distorted picture of what choices lay ahead. I want a final say, and not to achieve a remain or leave win. I want a final say so that we as a nation can at least live or die by the facts. Not the stories and the lies. Give me that and WHATEVER the result, I will embrace it and move on.

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